5 reasons to take a cycling/trekking holiday.

We sat down to figure out why anyone should want to go on a cycling holiday and we were surprised at the number of reasons we could come up with! But here’s our top 5.


Get behind the touristy scenes, explore the back roads, chat with the locals and really get to experience the destination unlike others who tick off places on their all inclusive package tours!


Do something different from the usual holiday and make great memories – rolling hills, quaint little bistros, rice-fields and villages – no matter where you go, the scenery will be stunning.


Inhale oxygen when you are busy enjoying the great outdoors and expend calories at the same time. Whichever way you look at it – you are the winner.


Explore at your pace because you are not on a schedule. you can ride at your own pace, stopping when you like and moving when you want to. The only pace that counts is yours!


It’s easier than you think – something that will make you the source of great envy amongst your peers without you having to Prepare like you would for a mountain expedition.


Lookout for our upcoming series on cycling holidays around the globe.

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